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Our IT Company

ClinTech Systems supports all business types in providing IT Support Services via Managed and Co-Managed IT Solutions. ClinTech stands for Clinical (Clin) and Technology (Tech) combined to provide patient centric care – “ClinTech”. 

ClinTech is not only dedicated to the healthcare industry, we also provide services for Veterinary Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Auto Industry and Law Offices. 

Our experience does not end there, we are also experts in acquisitions and mergers of both small and large companies providing IT due diligence needed to solidify sales. 

                     We Make Financial and Technical Decisions in the Best Interest of Your Company!

Meet Our CEO/CIO

The founding member Varun Ragbir has 2 decades in the technology industry. He is an expert in business and healthcare IT. Mr. Ragbir has transformed companies to help them run more efficiently and increase income revenue as a result. He is highly regarded in the industry as innovative and dedicated asset. He is constantly training and educated his team members to make sure Clintech Systems is at the cutting edge of technology. 

Mr. Ragbir is an active owner who will be the first person you meet when signing up with his company. He is highly focused on leading strategic innovations for his company, enjoys trouble shooting complex problems and building bullet proof solutions. He completes all consults himself to ensure you will be receiving the best care that will help your company be successful. 

Our ClinTech Systems Team

Our team is compromised of technology network technicians, software developers, systems engineers and help desk employees. Our senior staff has developed many vendor relationships which is also an asset when we are working to get your company the best quality service. We put the client first and make sure to get the job done right!